Bulk Trash = Better Prices!

A great thing to consider before the summer monsoon hits here in Arizona is bulk trash removal. Almost all municipalities provide it at least a few times a year, in most cases, allowing you the opportunity to get rid of some of that unwanted foliage and maybe a tree or two if necessary

So, what do I mean by “Bulk Trash = Better Pricing”? That means that when Bulk Trash is coming to your area you can schedule your local landscaper to come out and take care of your trees, grass and weeds just before they are scheduled to arrive, reducing the cost incurred by the landscaper, which should naturally be passed on to the client.

We here at Sonoran sons wholeheartedly believe in this practice. We believe in saving our customers money and alleviating them from the sometimes difficult work and manpower needed to take care of some of these bigger jobs.

Not sure when you were bulk trash is supposed to be picked up?…. use the corresponding link (just below) for your city to find out when your bulk trash is coming.

It is imperative to schedule the yard to clean up around the same time as the bulk trash pick up. In some cities and certainly in some HOA based neighborhoods you may get fined if the bulk trash is placed too early. So we will work around the allowed time frame to keep everyone in the clear.
Also one of our representatives can take a look at your property and make sure that your amount of bulk trash is under the allowed amount per your city’s limits. (Usually about the size small SUV worth of green matter.)

If you have more than what is allowed and we can assess an approximate cost for the added waste removal, but either way you will still be saving money! Everyone loves that, right?!

So let’s get that yard cleaned up and looking good for summer.


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***  still not sure when you’re both trash pick up is? Contact us and we can look up the information for you and get you schedules properly.
Bulk Trash Pick up

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